Monday, April 22, 2024
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Consider road safety awareness talks at schools

I am appalled to see the photo of the child sticking her head out of the car window on the frontpage of Tuesday’s Bulletin.

The driver of the car should be held accountable for allowing the child to act recklessly.

There should be some form of enforcement to deter drivers and road users for failing to acknowledge children’s safety while on the roads.

I’ve encountered drivers with their toddlers sitting on their laps which is clearly a disaster waiting to happen.

When approached, they would give excuses such as it was only for a short drive or the baby would not stop crying.

Parents should also consider investing in a reliable car seat for their children’s sake.

Most are cheaper now and you don’t need to get the branded ones as long as it complies with the safety standard.

The importance of road safety awareness can be taught and shared at schools through briefings and talks, like the ones being done now on dangers of drug abuse and instilling patriotism among children.

Many will see this beneficial in the long run and children will be more knowledgeable and be more aware of keeping the roads safe for everyone.