Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Brunei Town

Concern over growing number of beggars

There is an increase in sellers masquerading as beggars, approaching the public in commercial areas and around automated teller machines (ATMs) to buy their items or outright ask for money.

Not only is it annoying, especially when the person being approached is in a hurry to get somewhere, it is borderline illegal since these people are doing it daily, running it like it is a business operation.

I would like to implore the public not to encourage these people by buying from them or giving them money. Begging is not in our culture; we must put a lid on it by refusing to entertain their antics.

My biggest concern is that we don’t know where the money goes. Are they using it to fund drugs or other illegal activities?

More importantly, if left unaddressed, these beggars are going to be everywhere. What if a tourist were to encounter them? What would it do to our image as a “rich” country? I hope authorities would take note of the growing issue and put a stop to their “operations”.

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