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Comforting, creamy mushroom soup

Esther Chancran

THE STAR – THE earthy appeal of mushrooms in a tasty and wholesome soup is something to look forward to. While a bowl of creamy mushroom soup presents a cosy picture on a rainy evening, it is also an ideal starter that helps set the pace when a heavy main course is to follow at dinnertime.

For this recipe, I have added dried shiitake for its robust flavour and umami. While this recipe calls for a one-pot method with lots of aromatics and greens, it can also be made with chicken stock as the soup base for a richer taste. The addition of cream, lots of it, elevates the flavour and gives it a touch of richness.



– Five fresh shiitake
– Five dried shiitake
– 200 grammes eringi
– 400 grammes button mushrooms
– 150 grammes celery
– 150 grammes leek
– 200 grammes yellow onions
– Five garlic pips
– Half cup olive or sunflower oil
– Two litres of water, add one or one-and-a-half cups extra (to thin soup before adding cream)
– Three bay leaves
– Two tsp salt
– One tsp pepper
– Two sprigs thyme
– Two cups cream


Place dried shiitake in 500 litre water and add one tbsp of sugar to give the mushrooms a touch of sweetness. Bring to a boil. Lower the flame and allow the stock to simmer while giving time to the mushrooms to soften. Reduce stock to approximately 250 millilitre.

Once done, strain the liquid and set the mushroom infusion and cooked shiitake aside. Dice
the shiitake.

In a stock pot, pour half cup of olive or sunflower oil and saute onion to release aromatic oils and prevent ingredients from burning.

Next, add properly washed and sliced leek to the pot. Chopped garlic is to be added at this point and not earlier to prevent it from burning during the sauteing process.

Dice the celery and mix them with the aromatics. Cover with a lid and allow celery and leek to wilt. Bay leaves can be added at this juncture. Once the celery and leek have softened, throw in sliced or cubed button, shiitake and eringi mushrooms and saute until mushrooms sweat and cook through (put the lid on to encourage heat and steam to cook down the mushrooms for about 10 minutes).

The mushrooms will initially consume quite a bit of space in the pot but will reduce after some time.

Now, add the stewed shiitake mushrooms. Cover the pot again for another five minutes.

Two litres of water should be added at this time. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

The half cup mushroom infusion goes in next. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

Boil the soup until the amount reduces to about 30 per cent of its original stock content.
Lift the lid and remove the bay leaves. Use an immersion blender and pulverise the ingredients.

Add salt, pepper, thyme and finally, the cream.

Add extra hot water if needed to thin the soup.

Scoop out the desired amount into a bowl and lace with cream for a contrast in colours.

Mushroom soup is best eaten hot.