Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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In reference to the news article ‘Recruitment has been quite a challenge, says RB CEO’, we would like to clarify that the statement quoted was made in the context of the broader international aviation industry, and in response to a question concerning high flight fares and whether the industry will see a return to pre-COVID flight fares.

According to a statement by Royal Brunei Airlines (RB), Chief Executive Officer Captain Sabirin bin Haji Abdul Hamid’s remarks “acknowledged the global increase in the cost of living following the pandemic and identified the re-recruitment of personnel as one of many contributing factors to the higher costs”, which has resulted in higher flight fares.

The local airline reiterated that the remarks were not specifically on the challenges faced by RB alone, but rather a general observation of the aviation industry as a whole.

“RB aims to rectify any misinterpretation caused by the headline, and ensure that the public understands the true context of the headline quote,” it said.