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Chinese EV company reveals new solid-state battery

ANN/CHINADAILY – A leading Chinese electric vehicle (EV) battery maker Gotion High-Tech Co Ltd unveiled its all-solid-state battery dubbed Gemstone on Friday, and looks to start “small-quantity production” by 2027.

The company claimed Gemstone surpassed mainstream ternary lithium batteries by 40 per cent with an energy density of 350 watt hour per kilogramme and will enable electric vehicles to easily achieve a lifetime mileage of one million kilometres.

Chief engineer of the company’s all-solid-state battery project Pan Ruijun said the company has achieved breakthrough on the manufacturing techniques of such batteries and has promoted prototype batteries to automotive-grade cell manufacturing.

He disclosed the company is aiming to produce such frontier technologies in small quantities by 2027, and achieve mass production by 2030. Currently, China leads in power batteries, including lithium-ion ones, which are widely used in EVs.

Compared with lithium-ion batteries that use liquid electrolytes, solid-state batteries use solid electrodes and boast higher theoretical energy density and safety. Solid-state batteries can be categorised into semi-solid-state and all-solid-state types.

The Hefei, Anhui-province-based company also launched its latest generation of Stellary batteries that are able to support a 600km driving range in 10 minutes of charging, as well as an ultra-fast-charging battery that is able to recharge to 80 per cent in 9.8 minutes.

The share price of Gotion High-Tech soared by 10.02 per cent and reached its daily limit as of publishing time.

Gotion High-Tech Co Ltd at the unveiling in China. PHOTO: CHINA DAILY