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Charity project helps lift burdens of less fortunate

The distribution of korban meat among less fortunate families and individuals has been a long part of Hari Raya Aidiladha tradition, helping lift part of already heavy burdens in their daily lives.

Mohammad Effandy bin Mohd Hamir is a single father with three children, one of whom has been diagnosed with a lifelong disability.

He was one of the recipients of korban meat distributed by the Projek Impian Cahaya Iman, a charity founded by Hajah Mira Putra, during a ceremony in Kampong Beribi on Sunday.

“I am grateful to the project, especially to Hajah Mira Putra for always including my family in the list of recipients for the ceremony and rendering assistance during times of need,” he said in an interview during the event.

Mohammad Effandy is currently making ends meet by working as a domestic runner.

Just before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mohammad Effandy suffered a stroke and had to leave his job.

ABOVE & BELOW: Mohammad Effandy bin Mohd Hamir and family; and Hajah Rosni and family receiving donations and korban meat from the project. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD

To make matters worse, his spouse passed away during the second wave of the outbreak.

The project helped Mohammad Effandy back on his feet, aiding him in taking up the job as a runner. He has now picked up a number of permanent clients through his humble and trustworthy character.

Another recipient also expressed her gratitude to the project for the support during hard times.

Hajah Rosni was left on her own to support her family after her husband had a stroke, which prevented him from working.

She said they were made homeless, and were staying in an unoccupied terrace house at one of the national housing projects without any amenities. “We were always starving,” she said.

Hajah Rosni said that the project helped provide a roof over their heads, and helped them get by. On Sunday, she was invited, along with other asnaf families, to the project founder’s home, to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha in good spirits.

In addition to receiving korban meat, the families also received a donation of rice and cash. – Lyna Mohamad