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Car, truck collision leaves one unconscious

Izah Azahari

A passenger was trapped and found unconscious when a car and a truck collided at the U-Turn along Tanjong Maya Highway on Tuesday.

Firefighters removed the car door to extract the passenger, who was brought to the Tutong hospital by paramedics.

Seven firefighters and two fire trucks from the Tutong Fire Station led by DSO Rinald were dispatched.

On-site at the incident was Officer in charge of Tutong Fire Station Operation ‘E’ Branch SSFR Yudiswandy bin Bakar.

The Fire and Rescue Department advises the public to ensure that vehicles are in road-worthy condition and to follow road laws and regulations.

The department also reminded the public to adopt a tolerant attitude among other road users and avoid driving after taking medication that could cause drowsiness.

Firefighters at the scene of the accident. PHOTO: FRD