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Brunei Town

Car club members gather for night of thrills, fellowship

Suzuki Brunei and the Swift Sport Club Brunei held a Horror Movie Night at One Cineplex, OneCity Shopping Centre on Thursday.

The gathering served as a prelude to an upcoming event in collaboration with Swift Sport Club Brunei, providing a platform to unveil details about future events.

“This event allows us to share our plans, engage in meaningful discussions, and ignite enthusiasm within the Suzuki and Swift Sport Club Brunei communities,” said Marketing Manager of Suzuki Brunei Adehelmie Jaafar.

The event was designed to bridge the gap between new and returning club members, facilitate introductions, and create a sense of unity among the attendees as they bonded in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere over shared interests. – Adib Noor

Photos show attendees at the cinema. PHOTO: AK ZAKI KASHARAN
Swift Sport Club Brunei members in a group photo. PHOTO: AK ZAKI KASHARAN