Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Brunei Town

Call for public opinion polling ahead of LegCo meet

Public involvement in state development is crucial in helping us achieve Vision 2035.

Central to the engagement is how their voices are to be communicated by the parliamentarians in the Legislative Council (LegCo) meeting annually.

With the LegCo meeting starting in March, perhaps it would be best for the authorities to organise a public survey to obtain the sentiments of the people.

A suggestion is for the government to put the survey on the BruHealth app, since the vast majority of the populace have had the app installed in their smartphones.

Through the app, the survey would collate the problems, concerns, solutions and ideas of both citizens and residents.

Their details being attached to the polls would mean that the data could easily be verified and the people more responsible when sharing information.

Done properly and the data collected could be analysed and insights gained to assist in policymaking decisions and discourse ahead of the upcoming LegCo meeting.

In fact, institutionalising the survey every year would enrich the LegCo discourse and maximise the app’s functionality, thus contributing to national development in line with the country’s goals.

Big Data Guy