Monday, June 24, 2024
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Brunei Town

Call for more done to undeveloped land in the capital

I would like to call on the authorities to look into developing the plot of land at Pusat Bandar, which is bounded by Jalan Stoney and Jalan James Pearce, and sits adjacent to Royal Regalia Museum and Brunei History Centre.

The place is an oddity given that it is located right at the heart of the capital, and the surrounding area is home to buildings and landmarks.

It is currently undeveloped but nevertheless, serves as a makeshift car park for office workers of various institutions in the area. If my memory serves me well, the place has been in such a state since my childhood two decades ago.

I think developing the area is long overdue, especially given that it is right in the tourist zone.

I propose constructing a multi-storey, mixed-use purpose building to maximise the limited space with economic feasibility in mind.

The building should also have a feature that could attract foot traffic, such as an indoor aquarium. In fact, it would indirectly revive the aquarium that once existed.

Another possibility is a rooftop garden or an observatory, to provide an aerial view of the Bandar Seri Begawan cityscape.

Last but not least, the building should incorporate the existing bus stops on Jalan Stoney into the structure, so as to encourage patrons to consider using public transport to move around in the capital.

Due to its location, I believe the design should blend in with the surrounding landmarks, such as Royal Regalia Museum and Syariah Court, by integrating the elements of Malay Islamic Monarchy but remaining modern and relevant to today’s aesthetics and green aspirations.

I look forward to the area housing a building to marvel over.

Urban Planning Enthusiast