Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Brunei Town

Call for better management of housing schemes

The national housing scheme has been around for a while, and one would think the operations would improve over time. Instead, the quality of services are on the decline.

For one, maintenance works are lacking in most areas. Grass is not trimmed and trees are overgrown with branches overhanging the roads.

Then, there is the stray animal issue, especially dogs, making residents uncomfortable. A dedicated handler should be appointed to ensure these wild animals are caught and relocated rather than leaving it to the residents to deal with it.

In most cases, streetlamps and potholes take months to repair, affecting the quality of life for residents. Perhaps scheduling regular maintenance works would be good.

Most importantly, each housing scheme should come with basic facilities, such as a mosque, school, shops, sports centre, multipurpose hall and clinic.

A Resident