Friday, February 23, 2024
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Call for authorities to shed light on SOPs for travellers

I’m a local living overseas. I recently returned to Brunei Darussalam for a short duration due to an emergency family matter.

I have a few questions regarding the standard operating procedures (SOPs), which I hope the authorities could shed some light on.

On arrival at the airport, we were asked to complete the antigen rapid test (ART). However, the current SOPs allow for travellers to share transportation, regardless of their test results.

My question is: Should the suspected positive cases not be segregated from those with negative results?

We had to pay for quarantine, transportation and testing, which were all mandatory in these pandemic times as part of the precautionary measures.

However, due to being on the same bus with a positive case, the rest of us were slapped with an additional self-isolation notice.

And since I was only back for a brief period, the remaining time in the country was spent fulfilling the notice instead of attending to the task that demanded my return.

During the first wave, the travellers were administered the COVID test by frontliners at quarantine hotels. But this time around, it is done at Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital. What prompted the change?

Misson Unaccomplished