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Brunei trade sees 4pc rise

Brunei’s total trade rose by four per cent in June compared to May, due to the rise in imports value by 37.4 per cent. However, exports value fell by 16.6 per cent.

In June, exports was valued at BND899 million, where mineral fuels represented the major contributor to Brunei’s exports at 71.8 per cent; particularly other petroleum products, followed by chemicals (24.9 per cent), and machinery and transport equipment (1.5 per cent).

The five main imports by commodity for June were mineral fuels (65.5 per cent), followed by machinery and transport equipment (11.6 per cent), manufactured goods (8.1 per cent), food (7.4 per cent) and chemicals (3.4 per cent).

The main export markets in June were China (35.0 per cent), followed by Australia (23.9 per cent) and Singapore (16.3 per cent). The largest export commodities to these countries were chemicals and mineral fuels.

The biggest import partners were Malaysia (22.3 per cent), followed by Australia (14.7 per cent) and Kazakhstan (12.1 per cent), with mineral fuels as the largest import commodity.

Some 60.1 per cent of imports were used as intermediate goods for processing, followed by capital goods (35.3 per cent) for business operations and consumption goods (4.6 per cent) for household use.

Meanwhile, 94.9 per cent of trade by value was delivered through sea transport followed by air transport (3.5 per cent) and via land (1.6 per cent).

During the January to June period, total trade was BND11,104.9 million, comprising exports valued at BND6,629.2 million and imports amounting to BND4,475.7 million, resulting in trade surplus of BND2,153.5 million.