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Brunei shows EV potential

As an oil and gas producing country, Brunei Darussalam has a high potential to become renowned and a great example in the world stage if the country can one day fully embrace electric vehicles (EV), a senior official from BYD (‘Build Your Dreams’), a leading Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer, said.

“In my opinion, I believe that Brunei can push to popularise EVs. The pace can even be faster than Singapore. This is because from the aspects of overall economy, environmental conservation as well as energy, EVs are essential for the Brunei market,” General Manager of Asia Pacific Auto Sales Division from BYD Auto Industry Company Limited Liu Xueliang said.

As a country that produces oil and gas, he added, “If one day, cars on Brunei roads are 100 per cent EVs, every country will see Brunei differently.”

The Bulletin was invited to experience BYD Seal, a high performance sedan EV on the first permanent racing circuit built in China. The trip also provided the media to better understand and know about BYD.

Liu Xueliang also outlined reasons that EV usage is ideal for the Sultanate.

“With EVs driving distance range of over 400 kilometres, there will be no issue over using EVs in Brunei. The people in Brunei will experience a new lifestyle with EVs. Looking at popularising the use of EV, I feel that there is still room for improvement. We believe that the popularisation of EVs in Brunei is not only good for the country’s growth, but will also give a good image on global stage.”

General Manager of Asia Pacific Auto Sales Division from BYD Auto Industry Company Limited Liu Xueliang with Maju Motors Managing Director Chan Key Hong and BYD Singapore Managing Director James Ng. PHOTO: JAMES KON

Through the cooperation of BYD and local distributor (Maju Motors) in Brunei, he said, “We want to bring BYD’s technologies to Brunei so that Bruneians can experience the advancement of technology being experienced globally.”

“Brunei is a country that pays serious attention to environmental conservation. With only EVs plying on roads and streets will see cleaner and better air quality in the country. And for that reason, we have introduced BYD to Brunei. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to sales.”

Sharing the significant milestone achieved by BYD, Liu Xueliang said, “BYD has gained massive global attention especially last year. We achieved 1.86 million sakes in electric cars. This year, we may have the opportunity to exceed over three million electric cars sales. We have not only achieved a new breakthrough in EVs but also became the number one EV sold worldwide.”

BYD, he explained, “is the only automobile company in the world that started its business by producing battery. The transformation of the automobile industry is unprecedented and therefore the trend of EV is unstoppable. BYD would like to bring its new energy technologies to the world”.

Talking about the important component for EVs to be successful in Brunei, Liu Xueliang said, “EV is a very new industry. Therefore the progress or development of the new industry can only be achieved with government support. For example, in China, the government provided vast support for the progress of EVs. However, such support won’t stay permanent forever.

It will slowly decrease as the industry matures.

“Many countries have provided tax-free and incentives for EVs. I hope that Brunei will provide EVs a fair chance to progress further.”

Asked if BYD would venture into electrification of transportations for sea and air, he said, “We need to make sure that our EV technologies on the road are doing well first and then we may look at the electrification technologies for transportation at air and sea.” – James Kon


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