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Brunei ranks third in personal finance interest

Brunei Darussalam is third in Southeast Asia in the interest of personal finance management, with a significant indicator of 3.1 per cent, according to an analysis by UnaFinancial.

The study examined search requests related to personal finance management in 11 Southeast Asian countries over the past year.

The indicator of interest was calculated as a ratio of search requests to the average population over the previous 12 months.

Singapore leads Southeast Asia in interest in personal finance management, with a significant indicator of 9.8 per cent, followed by Thailand with 6.7 per cent.

“Singapore’s performance is driven by a rising income per capita and a growing number of wealthy people, who are interested in investment tools,” the experts noted.

The report said, “All three countries are characterised with a growing supply of investment tools, high levels of accumulated wealth and a large share of millennials and Gen Z (54 per cent), who are looking for financial management tools.”

Meanwhile, Thailand’s interest in currency depreciation also prompted residents to explore wealth preservation options. – Azlan Othman