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Injured local rescued from Temburong forest

James Kon

A local man who slipped and sustained leg injuries around the Janggut waterfall at Kampong Perdayan in Temburong District was carried out of the forest on a stretcher by firefighters yesterday.

Twelve firefighters and two fire engines from the Bangar Fire Station led by ABKS 629 Haji Mohd Yusra bin Haji Yussuf responded to the call for assistance, said the Fire and Rescue
Department (FRD).

Firefighters and paramedics found the victim had slipped and sustained injuries in the right leg. A stretcher was used to ferry the victim out of the forest to paramedics, who brought the victim to the hospital.

Commanding officer of G operation SSFR Haji Afiq bin Haji Julah and Station Commander of Bangar Fire Station Acting ASFR Jamaludin bin Ahmad oversaw the operation.

The FRD advises the public to always bring an experienced guide when entering a forest area and have updated

weather conditions. It also advises the public to not continue activities in the forest after dark.

The FRD said to not go hiking alone, to let family or friends know and bring along a whistle, lights, mobile phone and water.

In the event of an emergency, contact the Fire and Rescue operations centre at 995.

ABOVE & BELOW: A local man who slipped and fell near a waterfall in Temburong District is carried out by firefighters. Paramedics brought him to the hospital for further treatment. PHOTOS: FRD