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Bright way to celebrate Raya

Lyna Mohamad

Hari Raya calls for family catch-ups and gatherings, as well as a time for celebrants to fill their houses with colourful decors for the festivities.

Most households opt for floral arrangements with focus on fresh flowers to create a celebratory ambience.

Hasina Mastani said getting an abundance of flowers for Aidilfitri to be displayed at all corners of her house is a reflection of one’s personality and style, creating a warm atmosphere for guests.

“Although we are ushering in a small and cautious Hari Raya this year due to the COVID pandemic with guests comprising close family members, I still look forward to getting my living room embelished with fresh flowers,” she said.

Hasina’s favourites are Eltingera, Malarawing and Heliconia, on top of the common ones such as roses, orchids, lily, tulips and daisies.

She picks flowers from her garden and do a mix-and-match, and within an hour, there will be at least three arrangements to her disposal.

Haji Azmin’s garden of flowers. PHOTO: HAJI AZMIN
ABOVE & BELOW: Hajah Mumtaz’s floral arrangements for her dining table and living room; and Hasina Mastani’s floral arrangements for the festivities. PHOTOS: HAJAH MUMTAZ & HASINA MASTANI

However, unlike Hasina, Haji Azmin prefers beautifying his home compound instead of the interior. He puts up flowers outside his cottage-like house, where his guests usually sit and chat.

“It used to be a place where I hang my laundry to dry. But I have converted it into a mini garden where I can arrange the flowers I bought from florists or horticulture,” he said.

“I don’t do much flower arrangement. Instead, I follow my own imagination.”

For this year’s celebration, Haji Azmin decided on a minimalist approach to floral decoration as only close family members will be visiting.

Meanwhile, Hajah Mumtaz believed flowers are a must during Hari Raya festivities.

She prefers simple arrangements for dining tables while larger ones placed in her living room and hallway, with one centrepiece at the entrance.

“Flowers can be therapeutic for me as it improves my mood and a way of welcoming guests to the calming atmosphere of natural scents,” she said.

However, Hajah Mumtaz cautioned against mixing too many types of flowers as it could spoil the fragrance of the home.

She also said arranging flowers is a good way to help brighten up Hari Raya for visitors, especially amid the pandemic stress.