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Biden touts Switzerland – woops, Sweden – in NATO expansion

MADRID (AFP) – NATO’s latest expansion momentarily got really interesting with even Switzerland about to join – at least for a second in a Joe Biden verbal slip on Thursday.

At a press conference marking the end of the NATO summit in Madrid, the United States (US) president recounted the behind-the-scenes talks putting militarily non-aligned Finland and Sweden on track to join the Western alliance in a major rebuff to Russia.

Except he misspoke, saying there was a plan to call the leader of famously neutral Switzerland about joining.

Quickly realising his stumble, Biden said: “Switzerland, my goodness.”

“I’m getting really anxious here about expanding NATO,” he joked, before adding for the record: “Sweden.”

Biden, 79, has long been known for his verbal gaffes during a political career spanning half a century.

US President Joe Biden. PHOTO: AFP