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BIBD to host SME360 Forum Finale as MYCE 2022 comes to a close

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) will be hosting the SME360 Forum Season Finale as the Brunei Mid-Year Conference and Exhibition (MYCE) 2022 comes to an end this week.

The final episode of the 10-part forum, titled ‘The New Frontier’, will be held on July 1 at the International Convention Centre in Berakas.

The morning forum will feature speakers from BIBD’s Corporate Banking Group Abdul Azim Azim bin Haji Mohammad, who will be a panel member of a discussion on the ‘Greatest Lessons from SME360’; Head of Corporate Digital and Business Development Haji Shamri bin Haji Metali, who will be a forum panelist covering the topic ‘Why Responsibility Matters?’.

Meanwhile, the afternoon session will see BIBD represented by Head of Corporate Relationship Management Andy Lim in a forum titled ‘Vision & Leadership Disciplines in the New Frontier’.

A closing keynote will be delivered at the end of the forum by Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Minister of Finance and Economy II Dato Seri Setia Dr Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah as Chairman of the BIBD Group.

BIBD’s Acting Managing Director and CEO Hajah Noraini binti Haji Sulaiman, will also deliver an opening address at the event.

As one of the main partners of the Brunei MYCE 2022, Brunei is participating in the ‘Economy Week’ through the hosting of the SME360 Season Finale forum and exhibitions at the BIBD Pavilion.

BIBD’s Acting Managing Director and CEO Hajah Noraini binti Haji Sulaiman at the BIBD Pavilion. PHOTO: BIBD

BIBD will also facilitate workshops, titled ‘Bridging the Gap: Financing Growth’ today and tomorrow. The workshops will be conducted by senior officers from the Corporate Banking Group.

BIBD invited the public, especially business owners and start-ups to attend the forum to gain insights, perspectives and knowledge on how best to manoeuvre their businesses as we adopt to the new normal.

Members of the public and BIBD customers may also visit the BIBD Pavilion to find out more about BIBD’s range of retail and corporate banking products and services including the BIBD Aspirasi 4 and BIBD SME360 solutions. Also showcasing their latest products and initiatives is BIBD Securities Sdn Bhd.

The SME360 Forum series is an initiative established by BIBD to provide micro, small and medium sized enterprises a plaform to gain resources, discuss common challenges, share best practices, and identify business opportunities to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Forum has identified nine business sectors cross Brunei that have been hard hit during the pandemic and seeks to equip business owners and stakeholders with access to relevant resources, thought-leaders, industry experts to rebound sustainably and efficiently.

The programme is organised by BIBD with DARe (Darussalam Enterprise) as strategic partner, co-curated by Firelight Sdn Bhd and Curious Mind. It is jointly supported by 10 of Brunei’s major trade association partners and key market players namely the Malay, Chinese, Indian and National Chamber of Commerce, LiveWIRE, BIMP-EAGA, Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei (YEAB), Royal Brunei Catering (RBC), McDonalds Brunei, Serikandi Group, GoMamam, Ghanim International Corporation (bruneihalalfoods), Jab Gym, Hua Ho and Soon Lee.

The Economy Week, hosted by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, will focus on economy growth and development. It will focus on GDP and how to encourage growth, the continued development of MSMEs which will in turn lead to the strengthening of the private sector, as well as the promotion of trade and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

The Economy Week will provide a platform for experts and policymakers to share knowledge and discuss on topics ranging from the current global and regional economic outlook to topics more focussed on Brunei’s economic growth towards achieving Brunei Vision 2035.

Brunei MYCE 2022, which ends on July 2022, is organised by the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism through the Tourism Development Department, is back for the second year with experts and business leaders from Brunei Darussalam and all over the world who will be addressing various concerns pertaining to the five fields: Islamic, Digital Technology, Energy, Climate Change and Economy.

The objective of Brunei MYCE 2022 is to promote knowledge sharing, brainstorming, sharing of new discoveries in new various fields, and increasing networking and business activities among experts and entrepreneurs from within and outside the country.

As one of the main partners of MYCE 2022, BIBD is majorly involved and supporting the five-week event featuring thematic exhibitions, conferences and over 100 speakers to promote knowledge sharing and business activities in various sectors.