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Belgium advises nationals to leave Ukraine

BRUSSELS (AFP) – Belgium yesterday advised its nationals to leave Ukraine after the United States (US) warned that an invasion could begin within days with aerial bombardments.

Belgium joins the US and several European countries, who have called on their citizens in Ukraine to leave the country for fear war breaks out.

“Nationals who are currently in Ukraine and whose presence is not strictly necessary in the country are strongly advised to leave the country,” the Belgian Foreign Ministry said on its website.

It said it strongly advised against travel to the country, adding that an evacuation could not be guaranteed.

The ministry said that in case of a “sudden deterioration, communication links including Internet and telephone lines could be seriously affected” and air links hampered.

The European Union (EU) told non-essential staff from its diplomatic mission in Ukraine to leave the country but has not issued an evacuation order.

Several EU countries also asked their nationals to leave Ukraine, notably Estonia and Lithuania.