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Beauty drink combines Malay herb, Korean fruit

Per’l Yuzu, the latest beauty drink from beverage maker Power Root Berhad, combines elements of food nutrition from Korea with a Malay traditional herb that has been trusted for generations.

The Per’l brand – known for its range of beverages made with kacip fatimah – will witness a special development when Per’l Yuzu is introduced to the public. The drink is the result of a mix of fruit and herb from two East Asian countries. With Per’l Yuzu, consumers get the goodness of Yuzu fruit with kacip fatimah and collagen.

“Most Malaysians know about kacip fatimah and collagen in maintaining beauty and health, but many still do not know about the secret benefits of Yuzu fruit. If kacip fatimah is the queen of traditional herbs in Malaysia, Yuzu can be considered the king of fruits in Korea.

“A Yuzu fruit has three times as much vitamin C as a lemon and 10 times more calcium than an apple. Even though Yuzu is also cultivated in China and Japan, Yuzu fruits with the highest quality come from Korea,” said Power Root Berhad Co-Chairman YAD Tengku Indera Pahlawan Diraja Tengku Dato’ Setia Putra Alhaj bin YAM Tengku Bendahara Azman Shah Alhaj.

After conducting research and market assessment, Power Root produced Per’l Yuzu. It is the latest product under the Per’l brand, comprising the leading selection of kacip Fatimah-based drinks in the market. Tengku Dato’ Setia Putra Alhaj is confident that Per’l Yuzu will attract the attention of the market, regardless of ethnicity, gender and age by catering to their needs and taste.

Power Root also appointed Jang Han Byul as Per’l Yuzu brand ambassador. Better known as Han Byul, the Korean artiste is becoming more popular in Malaysia and often appears in Malaysian programmes, especially on Astro Ria. Han Byul’s popularity grew after he emerged as champion in the second season of reality show Big Stage with the Malay song Luka dan Bahagia in 2019.

“We selected Han Byul for his character and personality which align with our company’s concept and objectives in introducing Per’l Yuzu to the public,” Tengku Dato’ Setia Putra Alhaj said.

Per’l Yuzu brand ambassador Jang Han Byul. PHOTO: POWER ROOT