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Bank warns against spreading unverified information

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) on Tuesday issued a statement cautioning the public against spreading unverified information following a recent video alleging an unauthorised fund transfer involving a family member’s account.

The bank clarified that the matter was reported at its Serusop Branch on April 1, 2024.

Highlighting the unauthorised dissemination of the video by an individual not directly involved in the account, BIBD stressed the irresponsibility of such actions without awaiting the outcome of a formal investigation.

Emphasising adherence to stringent customer confidentiality rules mandated by the Banking Order 2006 and Islamic Banking Order 2008, BIBD reiterated the prohibition of disclosing information regarding other accounts and their holders to third parties.

The statement strongly urged the public to act responsibly and refrain from circulating unverified information, citing potential legal consequences under Section 34 of the Public Order Act. BIBD emphasised its commitment to taking legal action against individuals spreading unverified allegations that may incite public alarm.

Assuring a responsible and transparent resolution process within legal and procedural frameworks, BIBD called for public cooperation in abstaining from the dissemination of unverified claims.

Customers suspecting compromised accounts were advised to file an official police report and lodge complaints with BIBD, either in person at the nearest branch or via email at

BIBD pledged to initiate internal investigation processes and collaborate with relevant authorities to facilitate and resolve investigations.

File photo of the entrance of the BIBD Headquarters in the capital. PHOTO: BB File