Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Bank expands Islamic investments offerings

Standard Chartered Securities has launched a new unit trust fund that is not only Syariah compliant, but is also Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focussed. The RHB i-Global Sustainable Disruptors Fund makes it the third fund added to SC Securities’ range of Islamic investment offerings.

The RHB i-Global Sustainable Disruptors Fund’s investment philosophy centres on the belief of long-term earnings growth and the likelihood of the earnings growth being delivered by investing in good quality and sustainable companies that can potentially offer sustainable long-term growth. The fund has a fully ESG-integrated investment process with its portfolio being rated “A” based on the MSCI ESG Rating Scheme and it also has the information advantage by leveraging on the insights of JP Morgan Equity organisation. The fund invests in long term structural growth themes that are disrupting the world right now and beyond and is a viable option for investors looking for an ESG or Syariah compliant fund.

Standard Chartered Securities CEO Brenda Low said, “Since Standard Chartered Securities launched the Islamic Investments through the first Islamic Window in April 2021 offering Syariah compliant investments, we have continued to expand our range of offerings for clients who wish to invest in line with their beliefs and values.

Many investors perceive that Syariah compliant investments are limited to Muslims only but in fact such investments could benefit virtually any investor through diversification and for those who want to make a difference in sustainability with their investments.”

Until July 31, Standard Chartered Securities is offering a two per cent sales charge (usually three to five Standard Chartered Securities expands Islamic investments offerings per cent) for Islamic investments.