Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Bags packed and ready to go

Lyna Mohamad

Parents, children and teachers have had momentary interruptions to their Hari Raya celebrations over the last few days, as the Sultanate gears up for the resumption of physical classes tomorrow.

Speaking to the Bulletin, Abby Abdullah said her four-year-old daughter is over the moon at the thought of heading back to school and to finally be reunited with friends.

“We purchased all the school essentials prior to the Raya festivities just so we could avoid last-minute school shopping errands,” she said.

“Ever since the start of the pandemic, my husband and I have trained our daughter to have a mask on at all times and to practise social distancing. Upon returning home, she knows to immediately take a shower. Additionally, she has also adapted to the practice of keeping a distance from her sister while at home,” Abby said.

“I have also explained to her the importance of using wet tissues, and placed strong emphasis on the need to avoid physical contact with friends, no matter how excited they are to be reunited,” Abby said.

For Hajah Rosemawati, whose children had already resumed physical classes before the school holidays, the to-do list was limited to shopping for stationery and shoes.

Abby Abdullah’s daughter packs her school bag. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD
Hajah Hasheeda’s twins packing their bags under the supervision of their older brother. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD

She is “not too concerned” with the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the Sultanate over the recent week, opting instead to trust that Allah the Almighty will protect her sons and the other students.

Another mother, Hajah Hasheeda, suspects that getting her twins ready on time for school will be the primary challenge, as they had “gotten used to waking up late”.

“They are finally returning to in-person classes after a very long break. Of late, I have had them practise their pre-pandemic sleeping and waking schedule,” she said.

The excitement over returning to school was evident, with the pair reportedly running checks to ensure all school items were in order.

Meanwhile, headmasters and principals have held pre-opening briefings for both its academic and administrative staff to ensure a seamless resumption of in-person classes.

Additionally, teachers have been kept busy with sprucing up of the classrooms and school compounds, and ensuring hand sanitisers are available for students in all classrooms.