Association elects new committee

James Kon

Jackson Ting Jack Hing will continue to lead the Brunei Fuzhou Shiyyi Association for another three years (2021-2023) after being elected as the association President for the third term during an annual general meeting at the Brunei Fuzhou Shiyyi Association’s building in Jalan Pasir Berakas yesterday.

Eighty-eight members attended the election where Dr Andy Lau Sie Chuong was re-elected as the Deputy President.

The four Vice Presidents are Raymond Ting Sie Kiong, Ting Tiaw Khing, Chieng Ing Nang and Wong Nan Luk.

Luke Lau Kong Chiong is the Honorary Secretary (Chinese) while Jessica Lee Ah Ing is the Honorary Secretary (English) and William Tiong Hie Hung is the Assistant Honorary Secretary (English). Tiang Chin Kuang will continue his position as Treasurer assisted by Ngu Howe Ping as Assistant Treasurer.

Wong Sing Ping remained as General Affairs Director supported by Ting Siew Ling as assistant.

The post of Director of Cultural and Education went to Ling Bing Leh and Lee Jen Lin as the assistant.

Vincent Pao Ping Seng remains as Commercial Director with Lau Hui Chuan as his assistant.

Meanwhile, Ho Chuong Bing continues his position as Sports and Recreation Director.

The general meeting unanimously approved the appointment of Ting Tiu Peng as Honorary Life Executive Advisor and Dato Gilbert Tiong as Honorary Executive Advisor. The Head of Youth division is Katherine Hii Peck Ngah while the Head of Women’s division, Faye Hwong
Siew Ngee.

Jackson Ting said, “Since Brunei Darussalam closed its borders on March 16, we could not carry out activities except for handing over donations to the government in helping to curb COVID-19 and Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Fund for Orphans (DANA). We also held the yearly blood donation event.”

In the next three years, he said, “We must focus on training new leaders for the association.

“They must lead by example, but they can’t do things alone. Through teamwork, we can complete tasks together. The members’ strengths complement each other and each member plays a vital role for the association.”