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As golfers, we need to follow etiquette rules

While on a round of golf a few days ago, three of us casual golfers were shocked and terrified when a golf ball landed on the middle of the greens while two of us were getting ready to leave the greens. We could hardly believe that the golfer, who hit the ball, was so indiscriminate, lacking in care and judgement.

Golf is played with a convention known as etiquette. Essentially, the rules of golf etiquette are based on moral principles that govern what is right and wrong. The etiquette is recognised by anyone who plays the sport. It is a well-accepted code of interaction between golfers, be it on welfare or integrity of play.

Anyone above the etiquette, misbehaving in every sense, can pose problems to the golf community, some of which can be injurious and even fatal.

It is therefore an imperative that club martials enforce these etiquette rules, constantly keeping an eye on misbehaviour and taking stern action on indiscriminate golfers.