Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Application process for new, renewal of foreign worker licence updated

Azlan Othman

The Labour Department has updated the procedure for processing Foreign Worker Licence (LPA) applications, including confirmation of residence of foreign workers in the private sector during the Endemic Phase of COVID to revive the country’s economy, especially in the food security sector, construction sector and retail and restaurants.

In line with the government’s intention to improve and expedite the entry process of foreign workers, the Labour Department has coordinated the requirements for new applications and renewal of LPAs.

The requirements include accelerating and resolving all foreign worker licence applications submitted to the department for sectors affected due to the lack of manpower, especially sectors categorised as essential in stimulating the national economy; and updating the address confirmation form such as the employer’s declaration form to comply with the laws, regulations and conditions outlined by the Labour Department.

The certificate ensures that the employers are responsible for the employees’ well-being by providing shelter and basic necessities such as water supply and a clean living room space, temporarily suspending the requirement for employers to present photographs of the condition of the employee’s house and room; and the need to obtain the confirmation of the village head.

The form can be downloaded through the Labour Department website at www.labour.gov.bn.

The Labour Department reminded employers that any violation of the conditions related to the Employment Order 2009 or the Act and Regulations during inspections and operations carried out by the Labour Department or enforcement agencies will be prosecuted.