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Animal shelter in South Korea caught killing, burying hundreds of pets

ANN/THE KOREA HERALD – South Korean police has announced the arrest of 10 individuals connected to the grim discovery of over 100 animal carcasses on a local property.

The investigation, which began in April following a report from the South Korean animal rights group LIFE, revealed 118 bodies – comprising 86 dogs and 32 cats – in a state of severe malnutrition.

The distressing scene, brought to public attention through an animal TV show in May, triggered widespread outrage, leading 31,400 people to sign an online petition demanding justice.

Autopsies conducted by the National Forensics Service substantiated claims of starvation and abuse, revealing that many of the animals had been buried alive.

The ensuing police investigation revealed an organised criminal operation. The suspects, pretending to be operators of a legitimate animal shelter, defrauded people looking to give up their pets into paying them up to KRW6 million (USD4,600) for supposed care and adoption.

After providing assurance to the former owners with photos during the first few weeks, the suspects then sent the pets to be put down, killing 118 animals over a four-month period.

Three suspects, including the alleged leader of the scheme, have been detained, with seven others facing prosecution.