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An uninterrupted success

AIA Group becomes the first multinational firm to achieve the global MDRT #1 ranking for nine consecutive years.

With a membership exceeding 15,500 advisors and agency leaders, AIA’s dominance in this realm is quantifiable, surpassing the membership figures of Prudential and Manulife by significant margins.

The MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) – The Premier Association of Financial Professionals is a global independent association of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professional from more than 700 companies in 80 nations and territories.

The recognition accorded to AIA is not only a numerical triumph but a reflection of their dedication to making a positive impact on lives and communities.

This success is attributed to the commitment of AIA’s Premier Advisors, who actively facilitate the connection between clients and leading health products while offering quality advice for well-being and wealth objectives.

“In doing this, our advisors put purpose into action every day to help millions of people live healthier, longer, better lives,” said AIA in a statement.

“Hence a lot of focus and initiatives are placed on MDRT such as promoting our advisors to attend MDRT Experience and the prestigious MDRT Global Conference, bringing together top-performing and professionals and leaders from around the world,” they added.

AIA personnel at the AIA-MDRT Experience 2023 in Singapore. PHOTO: AIA
ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show AIA officials receiving the award; and personnel at the event. PHOTO: AIA


AIA’s strategic emphasis on MDRT is evident through initiatives such as the MDRT Experience and the esteemed MDRT Global Conference. These initiatives serve to empower AIA’s insurance advisors and contribute to the overall professional standards of the insurance industry.

As the premier sponsor for the MDRT Global Conference, AIA underscores its commitment to fostering excellence within the sector.

The conference covers a wide range of topics, including sales strategies, customer engagement, industry trends, and personal development.

“This comprehensive approach ensures that advisors not only enhance their technical skills but also refine their overall business acumen,” they said.

With the insurance landscape constantly evolving and growing in complexity, it is crucial for insurance advisors to stay ahead of the curve.

“Through attending the conferences, advisors can gain invaluable skills, strategies, and insights that can ultimately drive their success and contribute to their clients’ financial well-being,” they added.


This year, AIA hosted the MDRT Experience, bringing together over 800 AIA MDRT Aspirants from 11 markets in Singapore. Their collective aim was to qualify for MDRT in 2024.

Distinguished speakers from MDRT and AIA, alongside agency speakers, shared their experiences, providing valuable insights for those aspiring to excel in their field.

The MDRT Global Conference, a prominent event for top-performing professionals worldwide, witnessed the participation of over 7,500 MDRT members, with 2,353 representing AIA.

Notably, 16 contingents from AIA Brunei contributed to discussions on industry trends, personal development, and customer-centricity.

AIA Brunei’s Master District Director Kelvin Pong played a significant role in the MDRT Global Conference 2023 serving as captain for the focus sessions.

He emphasised the unique opportunities for international networking with prominent speakers and highlighted the recurring themes of customer-centricity and the ongoing pursuit of service excellence.

“To fulfil our personal potential, MDRT whole person concept of striving a balance in the life areas in spiritual, family, health, financial, education, career and service is applicable to everyone,” Pong reminded. – AIA Group