Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Brunei Town

An exemplary act to follow

The recent case of a young paramedic student who saved a choking baby exemplifies the civic-minded spirit that all Bruneians should adopt in realising Brunei Vision 2035. 

The initiative of the young gentleman has demonstrated how small actions can lead to big and positive changes. For one, not only is the baby’s life saved but the very action has led to a surging interest by the public to learn first aid knowledge in society. 

The overwhelming positive response also proves what one can attain when a person takes the initiative to do the right thing.

As well as showing the courage to intervene, there is also the power of education through applied knowledge in helping others. All these show that education continues to matter. As we embark on the journey to realise the Brunei Vision 2035, it is therefore best to see the young man as an example to follow and get inspired by. May more emerge in the future, especially among the youth.

Proud Bruneian