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An electrifying showcase!

Nissan’s triumphant return steals spotlight at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a defining force in the transportation industry, revolutionising the way we think about mobility and the future of our planet.

With their eco-friendly design, zero tailpipe emissions, and rapid technological advancements, EVs are not just a trend but a transformative solution to the environmental challenges posed by traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

As the world confronts the pressing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, EVs are poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the transportation landscape, offering a cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come.

This electric evolution heralds a new era of transportation that goes beyond simply getting from point A to point B; it’s a promising pathway toward a greener, smarter, and more efficient world.



At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, at the Tokyo Big Site last week, Nissan Motor Co Ltd, one of Japan’s leading car manufacturers, stole the spotlight with a dazzling array of concept cars that personify innovation, lifestyle, high performance, and the future. The event marked the triumphant return of the Tokyo Auto Show after a four-year hiatus, and Nissan made sure to make it a momentous occasion.

Nissan President and Chief Executive Officer Makoto Uchida poses near Nissan models during the Japan Mobility Show 2023. PHOTO: JAMES KON

Nissan’s exhibition at the event embodied a holistic vision of mobility and energy, not only for the present but for the future, not only in Japan but extending its reach beyond borders.

The centre of attention was undoubtedly the five remarkable all-electric concept cars: the Nissan Hyper Force, Nissan Hyper Punk, Nissan Hyper Tourer, Nissan Hyper Urban and Nissan Hyper Adventure.

These ground-breaking vehicles were unveiled by Nissan President and Chief Executive Officer Makoto Uchida in a ceremony that drew the eyes of the global press and symbolised Nissan’s commitment to pioneering the future of automotive technology and lifestyle.

Nissan Hyper Tourer. PHOTO: JAMES KON

Each concept car promises to offer a unique blend of cutting-edge design, sustainable performance, and a glimpse into what lies ahead in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

During his address at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Makoto Uchida took a momentous step down memory lane, announcing, “This December, we are commemorating our 90th anniversary. Since our inception, our journey has been one of constant innovation, enriching people’s lives by providing the gift of mobility.

“Through the inexhaustible power of innovation, Nissan is forging a future where the joy of mobility is accessible to all.”

Expanding on the brand’s enduring commitment to pioneering the future, he continued, “All the models showcased today are emblematic of the future and embody the spirit of ‘daring to do what others have not’.

“This is a uniquely Nissan value inherited from our founders, and it remains at the core of our DNA. We are actively bringing this future to life through three pillars of innovation: electrified mobility, the EV ecosystem, and vehicle intelligence.” This vision not only signifies Nissan’s dedication to driving automotive technology forward but also encapsulates the essence of a lifestyle characterised by bold, pioneering choices and a commitment to making the extraordinary accessible. Being invited to the Japan Mobility Show this year undoubtedly filled me with a sense of exhilaration and anticipation.

The prospect of immersing myself in the world of cutting-edge automotive technology and innovation, and experiencing first-hand the futuristic concepts and innovations on display, definitely fuelled my curiosity and imagination.

Captivating a massive audience with its electric, high-performance supercar that combines driving exhilaration with environmental responsibility was the Nissan’s Hyper Force.

At its core, this remarkable vehicle boasts a high-output all-electric powertrain, complete with an all-solid-state battery, meticulously balanced for optimal weight distribution, and capable of delivering a remarkable 1,000 kilowatt of power.

With lightning-quick acceleration, advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology, and a lightweight, high-strength carbon body, the Hyper Force ensures exceptional cornering and handling, whether on the racetrack or winding roads.

Makoto Uchida explains about the Nissan Hyper Force


The exterior design seamlessly fuses sleek curves with bold geometric elements, serving as a reflection of the formidable performance it houses.

Paying homage to Nissan’s storied high-performance legacy, the design extends its influence from front to rear lamps, and it’s more than just aesthetics – it’s engineered for remarkable aerodynamic performance in partnership with the Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO) racing team. Lightweight forged carbon wheels contribute not only to aerodynamics but also efficient brake cooling.

Inside the Hyper Force, two distinct driving modes, ‘R’ (racing) and ‘GT’ (grand touring), redefine the driving experience, affecting not only the car’s behaviour but also the ambiance within the cabin.

‘R’ mode immerses the cabin in red light, creating a driver-centric cockpit for heightened focus, while ‘GT’ mode embraces a blue lighting scheme and a simplified, immersive infotainment interface, covering everything from air conditioning to audio settings.

Shifting our focus to the Hyper Tourer, an all-electric minivan designed to foster connections and create memorable journeys with friends and colleagues.

This concept harmoniously blends Japanese hospitality, known as omotenashi, with cutting-edge technologies, including autonomous driving and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) functionality. The high-capacity battery not only powers the vehicle but also serves as a versatile energy source for homes, stores, and offices. The exterior design embodies comfort and traditional Japanese beauty, marked by smooth body panels and sharp character lines that seamlessly integrate with the surroundings.

Inside, Nissan’s EV Technology Vision enables a spacious interior through compact components and high-energy density all-solid-state batteries, resulting in an ultra-low centre of gravity.

Inside of Nissan Hyper Tourer. PHOTO: JAMES KON

When coupled with the advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel control system, the result is smooth acceleration and deceleration.

The autonomous driving capabilities, combined with front seats that can swivel 360 degrees, encourage face-to-face interactions among passengers, redefining the minivan experience.

Meanwhile, the Hyper Punk, an all-electric compact crossover, beckons those who thrive on style and innovation, particularly content creators, influencers, and artistes. Bridging the virtual and physical realms, the Hyper Punk offers boundless possibilities for self-expression, facilitated by its V2X system, empowering users to power their devices on the go and share energy with collaborators and local community events.

Inside, Japanese aesthetics and digital art converge, creating a mobile creative studio with seamless Internet connectivity, syncing capabilities with personal devices and creative equipment.

Nissan Hyper Punk. PHOTO: JAMES KON

Artificial intelligence (AI) and headrest biosensors further elevate the experience, adjusting music and lighting to match the driver’s mood and fuel their creativity. The Hyper Adventure is a sports utility vehicle (SUV) designed for eco-friendly outdoor enthusiasts.

Equipped with V2X technology, it keeps adventurers charged on any journey while maintaining a deep respect for the environment.

Its large-capacity battery serves dual purposes, illuminating campsites and recharging electric jet skis.

Additionally, it can provide power to homes (V2H) and contribute surplus power to the community grid (V2G).  Whether navigating snowy mountain passes or muddy rainforest trails, the e-4ORCE all-wheel-control system ensures a smooth, safe, and stylish journey. 

Lastly, the Hyper Urban crossover caters to urban and suburban professionals with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Its sleek and modern design stands as a statement, seamlessly blending with its surroundings.

Deeply integrated into the EV ecosystem, it features V2H functionality to power homes, reducing energy costs and grid stress.

Furthermore, the V2G capability allows owners to give back to their community while earning rewards.

The intelligent charging management system, driven by AI, efficiently manages vehicle charging and building power.

From its attention-grabbing exterior that changes hues to its kaleidoscopic-inspired interior, the Hyper Urban embodies the future of Nissan’s electric line-up, offering customisable displays to match any mood.

And that’s just a taste of what the Japan Mobility Show 2023 has brought to the table, with various other concept cars providing a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry.

Exciting times lie ahead! – James Kon