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Alligator visits fast food drive-through in North Carolina

UPI – Customers at a fast food restaurant in North Carolina spotted something unusual on the sidewalk next to the drive-through: an alligator (pic below, Bart Gore).

Bart Gore said he was waiting in line for the drive-through at the Bojangles eatery in Southport when he noticed the unusual customer.

“Right before I got to the speaker to place my order, I noticed the alligator crossing the parking lot, heading towards the building,” Gore told McClatchy News. “I was quite surprised.

It didn’t seem like anyone really noticed him at first.”

Gore captured video of the alligator walking on the sidewalk next to the restaurant and his wife posted the footage to Facebook. “I filmed for just a moment and then continued on up to the speaker to order my breakfast,” Gore said. It was unclear what eventually happened to the gator. “He was still laying down in front of Bojangles when I left,” Gore said.