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Alleged kidnappers caught napping after victims escape

SYDNEY (AFP) – Police in Australia arrested two suspected kidnappers after finding them napping in a vehicle, authorities said yesterday.

The men allegedly threatened and kidnapped a man and a woman in Brisbane, Queensland, at around 2am on Thursday.

Officers said they also found several items in the vehicle, including zip ties, bleach, hacksaw blades, wire snips and a blowtorch, as well as cash and drugs.

The victims were allegedly driven roughly 80 kilometres south to a Gold Coast suburb, where the vehicle stopped at a carpark.

The man and woman, aged 33 and 42 respectively, escaped from the vehicle just after 8am and called the police.

Officers found the two men asleep in the vehicle, seemingly unaware that their victims had escaped.

The men, aged 35 and 36, were arrested and face two charges of kidnapping, two of deprivation of liberty, and two of torture, as well as one count each of assault occasioning bodily harm and robbery.