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All set to rock the local music scene

Izah Azahari

The third season of Bintang Search is one step closer to crowning its next champion as the semi-finals hit some fresh notes by featuring an acoustic night with local musicians.

Over the course of the season, Bintang Search featured performances by local singers such as Syafiq Abdillah, Isyraf Yusri and Dila Junaidi.

This week, local musicians will take to the stage and sonically accompany the eight semi-finalists as they compete for a spot in the finals.

Bintang Search contestant Dani, Hafiz, Celeste, Rofini, Izzat, Aiz, Matin and Jasrin will each perform two songs, one of which must be originally performed by a local artiste.

Showrunner Siti Kamaluddin said, “Every year, we have a Brunei night to showcase talents in the local music industry.

“This year is special as we combined it with an acoustic night involving local musicians in this unique platform.”

The semi-finalists will perform their two-song set back-to-back in what Siti Kamaluddin describes as a ‘mini concert’.

The acoustic accompaniment is valuable training for the contestants and their future music career.

“Performing with live music is different from singing with a pre-recorded backing track. It is more difficult and the rhythm between the artistes requires cooperation and awareness,” Siti Kamaluddin said.

Bintang Search hosts Ian Zulkifli and Fatin Feisal. PHOTO: ORIGIN
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