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All mankind equal in Islam: Imams

Imams in the Friday sermon today emphasised the Islamic principle of equality, stating that all mankind is equal in the eyes of Allah the Almighty.

Addressing Differently Abled People (OKU), the Imams underscored that despite differing abilities, OKU should be treated with respect, understanding, and support.

The sermon urged the Ummah not to mock or insult OKU but to recognise their unique abilities and extend a helping hand.

Islam, being a comprehensive religion, advocates for the inclusion and support of all individuals, irrespective of their ancestry, skin color, social status, or race.

Imams emphasised the Islamic stance against discrimination, urging believers to treat everyone with fairness, regardless of financial status or physical abilities.

They stressed the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment for OKU, encouraging empathy, appreciation for their challenges, and active efforts to understand, assist, and guide them.

By fostering inclusivity, society ensures that OKU individuals do not feel marginalised but are embraced with compassion and understanding. – Azlan Othman