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Aid agencies warn of chaotic, desperate scenes among Afghans returning from Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (AP) – Major international aid agencies yesterday warned of chaotic and desperate scenes among Afghans who have returned from Pakistan, where security forces are detaining and deporting undocumented or unregistered foreigners.

The crackdown on illegal migration mostly affects Afghans because they are the majority of foreigners living in Pakistan, although the government says it is targeting all who are in the country illegally.

Three aid organisations – the Norwegian Refugee Council, Danish Refugee Council and the International Rescue Committee – said many people fleeing the Pakistani crackdown arrived in Afghanistan in poor condition.

“The conditions in which they arrive in Afghanistan are dire, with many having endured arduous journeys spanning several days, exposed to the elements, and often forced to part with their possessions in exchange for transportation,” the agencies said in a statement.

Police officers conducting a search operation against illegal immigrants in Karachi, Pakistan. PHOTO: AP