Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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AI-world beckons young entrepreneurs

Rokiah Mahmud

Participants from non-profit organisations as well as the public and private sector recently sat in for the ‘Business Exploration & Opportunities: AI for Young Entrepreneurs’ briefing, aimed to foster digital transformation innovation focussing on artificial intelligence (AI).

The event, held in collaboration with DaRE (Darussalam Enterprise), enlightened participants on how stakeholders, especially young entrepreneurs, can exploit AI for their benefit.

Simultaneously, it aimed to create a bridge connecting non-AI and AI businesses, explore opportunities between the non-AI and AI-related start-ups/businesses, and expose entrepreneurs to the AI industry allowing them to create an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The event also aimed to provide opportunities to build and use AI for social innovation and sustainability.

The day also witnessed a signing ceremony between MYFINB/Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) and Al-Huffaz Management, and MFB/CEAI with Mavens Live. For the signing, Al-Huffaz Management was appointed as being a part of the CEAI team.

Group photo following the signing. PHOTO: AL-HUFFAZ MANAGEMENT

Under the agreement, both parties agree to collaborate and support the global AI World Summit as part of educational efforts to overcome obstacles in adopting AI, falling in alignment with 17 areas of focus that have been set by the Untied Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Al-Huffaz Management is Brunei’s largest Al-Quran teaching provider, serving as a platform connecting highly qualified teachers and customers.

At the same time, Al-Huffaz provides Islamic services for events including Al-Quran recitation for house-moving and Sertu (cleansing) services for clearing a place of Najis Mughallazah.

Mavens Live was developed through an idea for continuity and specialisation in education.

Mavens Live founder Goh Chai Li is of the belief that “everyone has a path and that education should support and focus on that path”.