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Adventurer, scientist become the first to ascend earth’s tallest mountain

UPI – A United States (US) adventurer and a marine scientist have become the first men to ascend Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world, Guinness World Records said.

Victor Vescovo, who previously made headlines when he became the first person to visit the oceans’ greatest depths in 2018-19, told Guinness he “thought it was time for someone to finally ascend the full extent of this massive mountain”.

Mount Everest is considered the world’s highest mountain, reaching a height of 29,031 feet above sea level, and Mauna Kea reaches only 13,802 feet above sea level, but is actually much taller – a total 33,500 feet – with more than half of the mountain submerged in the Pacific Ocean.

Vescovo said he was inspired to take on the challenge “because it allowed me to combine two of the strongest passions in my life: mountain climbing and ocean exploration”.