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A taste of justice

GULF NEWS – In a significant legal decision, an Indian High Court has determined that a wife’s inability to prepare meals for her husband due to a lack of culinary skills does not constitute grounds for cruelty in divorce proceedings.

The ruling was handed down by a division bench presided over by Justices Anil K Narendran and Sophy Thomas in response to a man’s divorce petition, which cited cruelty as the basis for dissolution.

The court further stated that the spouse’s lack of cooking skills cannot be considered a sufficient reason to dissolve a legally recognised marriage.

The couple were married on May 7, 2012.

In his petition seeking divorce apart from levelling a few allegations of her ill-treatment, the man said that she was not ready to cook food for him and even quarreled with his mother for silly reasons.

But she dismissed the allegations and contended that her husband had perversions and even body-shamed her, besides he was mentally unstable and had discontinued the medicines prescribed to him.

It dismissed the husband’s petition to dissolve the marriage.