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A subtle, ‘natural’ look

AFP – Blush has proven to be a major focus of attention recently, to the point of becoming a must-have makeup essential.

As such, one of the most original trends that’s rising on TikTok is white blush, putting a new spin on the look.

This inspiration, straight out of Japan, is designed to sculpt the face in the most “natural” of ways.

Forget lipstick, eyeshadows, highlighter and the likes, as it’s blush that is dominating trends in makeup. And we’re barely even exaggerating.

Whether it’s for the reverse makeup technique, for the viral crying makeup look, to hide dark circles, or to recreate a sunburn effect, the product has stood out on TikTok, becoming the ultimate beauty must-have.

And it’s not over yet. After exploring the many possibilities of pink blush – the product’s most famous iteration – users are now turning to white blush, which supposedly allows them to create an even more natural beauty look.

It is to the professional makeup artist Chiao Li Hsu that we owe this beauty trend, highlighted on Instagram all the way back in 2019.

TikTok users recently decided to bring it back to the forefront, raising it to the top of last year’s makeup trends.

Inspired by Japanese beauty routines, this trend simply involves swapping your classic blush for a pure, almost icy white blush to accentuate cheekbones and sculpt the face.

As you can see, this beauty tip does not require you to be a makeup professional. You just need to know how to apply blush. The idea is to swap a classic pink for a more neutral white, to avoid weighing down your look and to give your complexion a boost.

It’s no longer about recreating a healthy glow, but about making the complexion fresher and brighter, while streamlining the face.

The technique is part of a broader trend called ‘I’m Cold’ makeup, a seasonal beauty theme that strives for a flawless complexion, always based on the idea of being made up, but without looking like it.

However, this trend, which is spreading at high speed on the Chinese social network, is not always as accessible as it might seem.

While it’s easy enough to recreate, it’s still necessary to find the right product to get the look. And white blush is not as readily available as its pink or peach counterparts.

Another drawback is that this trend seems to be great for lighter complexions, but much less so for darker skin tones.

Some have tried it, but without obtaining the desired result. To overcome this, try choosing a gold shade, or a subtly golden pink, which will also be ideal for this time of year.