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A ‘Riizing’ stage debut

SEOUL (ANN/THE KOREA HERALD) – K-pop sensation Riize is set to unveil their first EP, “Riizing,” at a special premiere showcase in Seoul on June 17, as announced by SM Entertainment on Wednesday. 

This highly anticipated event will feature a live performance of “Boom Boom Bass,” the main track from the eight-song album. 

Fans worldwide can tune in to the live broadcast of the showcase.

“Boom Boom Bass” is a pop dance track that prominently features bass guitar, aligning with the musical instrument theme evident in their debut single “Get a Guitar” and their second digital single “Talk Saxy.” 

Both songs have established a unique musical identity for the six-member group, and “Talk Saxy” will also be included in the upcoming EP.

In addition to preparing for their EP release, Riize is currently on a fan concert tour, engaging with their global fanbase. The tour will culminate in Seoul in September, coinciding with the first anniversary of their debut. 

This marks a significant milestone for the band, celebrating a year of remarkable achievements and growing popularity.

Looking ahead, Riize plans to release a new digital single titled “Lucky” in Japan next month. Following the release, the band will embark on a tour across nine cities in Japan, further expanding their international presence before celebrating their debut anniversary in September.

Riize’s dynamic sound and energetic performances have quickly earned them a dedicated following, and the release of “Riizing” is expected to solidify their position in the K-pop industry. Fans eagerly await the new tracks and the exciting live showcase, anticipating another stellar performance from the talented group.