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A new generation of connectivity

With the introduction of 5G technology in the nation, Progresif is continuing to expand its diverse product suite with a new range of innovative options.

The introduction of 5G technology in the nation is set to transform how services are delivered in the future, and Progresif, in its journey of continued innovation and advancement, is gearing up to provide a wide range of options to take advantage of the benefits 5G can offer.

This was shared by Progresif Chief Executive Officer Hajah Nurul Haniah binti Haji Jaafar in an interview with the Borneo Bulletin.

“Synonymous to our name, Progresif, we’ve always been a challenger brand,” said Hajah Nurul Haniah.

“We’re proud to take that stance of being different, doing things differently, simply also being creative and innovative in whatever we do, and I think that’s been quite evident in the past few years since our existence. Not only are we creating healthy competition by giving customers and consumers their options, but I’d like to think we’re also adding value to our customers’ lifestyle and giving more meaning to being a Progresif customer. That means adding value to them and enriching their customer experience.”

“So as part of our growth journey, we’ve come a long way and I’m confident we have a lot more to show Brunei in terms of what we can do and what we’re capable of giving. As a business, we’re always looking for ways to expand, looking for new areas of growth and that doesn’t stop. And now with technology advancing, there’s just going to be more for Progresif.”

The Progresif CEO underscored that their actions are always supported by a well-defined strategy, noting that a key component of this is having the right resources to support that strategy. This, she said, includes their supportive board, a very dedicated team, and an agile approach to the market needs and trends.

“As a mobile partner, as well as a technology partner, we hope to be that service provider of choice. It’s in our DNA to always be ahead and remain relevant because that’s one way we can stay competitive.”

Progresif has made great strides forward in adapting to the transformation of technology, ensuring to stay up to date and relevant.

“How we’ve been doing that is through the two important resources that we have, which are our people as well as our tools. What I mean by tools is basically the platform that we have,” said Hajah Nurul Haniah.

A key aspect of Progresif’s continued drive to innovation in the digital space has been ensuring that its people are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to make use of the technology. The company is committed to digitalisation and investing in digital tools and technologies to improve efficiency and productivity, which in turn leads to the overall improvement of the customer experience.

In line with this, notable products Progresif has launched include the mobile e-wallet Progresif Pay, the Progresif Media streaming platform that highlights local talent and content as well as the award-winning Care+ app.

Moving further forward, Progresif has also made preparations to embrace 5G technology with the launch of 5G at the Mid-Year Conference and Exhibition on June 22, 2023. The 5G rollout is a milestone in development of the technological landscape, enabling a faster and more reliable telecommunications infrastructure.

“When 5G comes to mind, you talk about speed and latency, and those are the two main benefits. As a user, you get to do a lot more with better speeds and lower latency, especially as a gamer. In other parts of the world such as South Korea, China, the US, the UK and Australia have all deployed 5G successfully.”

“Coupled with our own strategy, we hope 5G can be used as an enabler for Brunei to further develop,” she continued. “There’s some potential and we’re currently exploring some proof of concepts to see how this technology can further support certain visions and ambitions of certain organisations, including ministries and corporate companies, for their own technology blueprint and roadmaps.”

“5G is set to transform how services are delivered in the future,” she highlighted.

Sharing some examples, she mentioned that in other countries, specific sectors are particularly well-positioned to experience the benefits and take advantage of the benefits of 5G.

On the consumer side of things, Hajah Nurul Haniah highlighted that, just like with 4G and 3G before, Progresif also has 5G product plans. “With that, it’s just really a better experience. You would be able to do more things now in less time because things are just faster. At the same time, that also potentially could mean that it gives opportunities for you as a user or maybe you as a business to do a multitude of things with 5G connectivity. That is pretty much it from a consumer perspective: better experience, lower latency and improved productivity.”

She affirmed that Progresif is striving to ensure that 5G technology is not only accessible but also affordable for their customers, in terms of plans as well as compatible device options.

“5G is definitely an enabler. But like anything that enables you, it needs to also be supported by vision. It needs to be supported by a defined roadmap in a strategy. So Progresif, as a platform, needs to work hand in hand closely with stakeholders in terms of how 5G can be of real benefit to the nation.”

For the future, Hajah Nurul Haniah’s hope is for Progresif to further enhance its culture of innovation. “I want us to continuously innovate, encouraging creativity, encouraging trying new things and experimenting.”

“We want to be at the forefront of technology and with technology should come innovation. With 5G, it offers a lot of potential,” she said. “By coming together and understanding what we need to do to help solve a particular problem or come up with a better solution, that’s where the creativity comes in.”

“That’s what I hope that we, Progresif, can continue to build and to offer to the public, to our end users, because we want to add value to our customers, whoever they are,” she added.