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A more mature sound

Adib Noor

Bruneian-born international singer Aziz Harun is back with his latest single Kan – his 11th official single in his musical career.

“Kan is a song I’ve been sitting on for quite a while. Due to the pandemic, I’ve had to postpone its release because I think the song should have the promotion and marketing it deserves,” said Aziz.

“After releasing my first ballad song Jauh, I understood that it was a kind of statement saying I’d have grown. And in a way, it restricted me to go back to making songs like Senyum or Jangan.”

The talented singer shared that his latest single is a bright and upbeat track similar to the style he is known for but has an added development in the quality of the sound.

“I’d say producer and co-writer Ezra Kong was more detailed with the sounds and instruments use,d allowing it to sit nicely in this time and age where production is a little bit more complex,”

Aziz Harun’s cover art for his latest single, ‘Kan’. PHOTO: AZIZ HARUN

Lyrically, the song, which is co-written by Romeo, carries a sad message on hope in the earlier stages of a relationship.

“This touches on things such as the possibility of being led on, fake feelings and having unreciprocated feelings. I wanted the song to be relatable to young adults who feel or have felt this type of insecurity and that it is normal and sometimes begs the question, Kau katakan ya, kau katakan tidak? (Do you say yes, or do you say no?),” said Aziz.

He further shared that musically he has grown just as his fans.

“I’ve learnt that as time goes by my fans have grown and some have started families. I’ve somehow adapted my music to keep them engaged. Also, music is ever changing, so as an artiste, I have to change to grow and attract new fans,” he said.

Throughout the years, his songs have become more complex lyrically and musically – starting with a happy song like Senyum, a teenage relatable song like Jangan then to more recent and mature topics in songs like Jauh and Sayang Kau Tercipta.