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A breath of fresh air into Brunei’s film industry

Adib Noor

Local action thriller film Intiqam 2 Wira Budiman directed by Akmal Marhain in his second directorial outing has given a breath of fresh air into the Bruneian film industry.

The film had its first national screening during the event ‘Intiqam 2 Wira Budiman: Gala Premiere Night’ at One Cineplex, OneCity Shopping Centre yesterday.

Youth and Sports Director Umi Kalthum binti Haji Abdul Karim was the guest of honour.

Marhain Entertainment produced the film from an initiative by Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) through the Pitch and Produce 3.0 programme and supported by Progresif Media.

Local artistes, filmmakers, Intiqam 2 cast, Marhain Entertainment crew, AITI and Progresif Media officers as well as cast members’ family and friends were also present.

“The action and stunt scenes in the film are our attempt in being innovative and to raise the standard of local films to be on par with regional films and even on the international level,” said Marhain Entertainment founder Akmal Marhain.

“Apart from showcasing action as our main attraction, Intiqam 2 also contains a narrative full of religious advice, focussing on the world building of a cinematic universe as we refer to as ‘IntiqamVerse’.”

Intiqam 2 Wira Budiman is the fourth film in the IntiqamVerse cinematic universe which started with Intiqam (2021), followed by Zidan and Thiya’s Case 1, all available on the Progresif Media app.

Youth and Sports Director Umi Kalthum binti Haji Abdul Karim and film director Akmal Marhain. PHOTO: ADIB NOOR