Zayn Malik shares new song after ‘unprofessional’ leak

FORMER One Direction star Zayn Malik has shared a new song with his fans after “unprofessionalism” led to it leaking online.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has taken to his Twitter account to post a link to ‘Don’t Matter (Remix)’, which features August Alsina, but he’s admitted it’s not something he’d wanted or planned to do.

Zayn explained, “This was not a song I intended to put out, but due to unprofessionalism has been leaked by someone and my fans mean more to me than a stupid leak, so here it is free for you to enjoy, before my music drops 🙂 love z (sic)”

The announcement led to sudden surge in the number of people trying to access Zayn’s website, which eventually caused it to crash.

August responded to the leak by tweeting, “Zayn, I’m sending an abundance of love to you! You are my brother, I am yours. I don’t know how this happened but WAY TO MAKE LEMONS INTO LEMONADE. (& a great batch, might I add) [laughing, crying and praying emojis] we do great work together. [love heart and lightening emojis] Mashallah King! (sic)”

Zayn – who first found fame as part of One Direction – released his debut solo album ‘Mind of Mine’ in 2016.

But the British star previously admitted that he doesn’t particularly enjoy having to promote his solo material, because he doesn’t feel comfortable in the spotlight.

He shared, “I’ll do the music interviews and stuff like that, that actually have something to do with what I’m doing.

“But a lot of public interviews and being on TV, to me, is more about being a social character, about being a… what’s the word for it, when people are on TV but don’t do anything? Reality TV stars? I don’t buy into that side of things.

“I just want to do my music. If people hear about me from their friend, it’s cooler than me being in their face all the time.” – BANG!