Youth spread wings in four-day programme

|     Rokiah Mahmud     |

OVER 20 students recently participated in the Youth Travelling from District to District programme organised by the Lambak Mosque as part of activities for students to get involved during the school holidays.

The September 6-9 programme saw students, aged between seven and 13, visiting mosques, attending religious lectures and discussions, engaging in charity work and interacting with indigenous groups.

The programme also allowed youth to network and get involved with the mosque community.

Visits were made to the Lambak Mosque, Pengiran Muda ‘Abdul Wakeel Mosque, Kampong Bukit Sawat Mosque, Al-Mashor Haji Abdul Hamid Mosque, Kampong Labi Mosque as well as the religious halls of Kampong Melilas, Kampong Sukang and Kampong Meranking.

Throughout the four days, the students participated in religious lectures, motivational talks, recitation of Al-Quran and Ratib Al-Attas, charity work, recreational activities, football and futsal.

Students in a group photo. – ROKIAH MAHMUD