Yemen war will have killed 377,000 by year’s end: UN

DUBAI (AFP) – Yemen’s seven-year-old war will have claimed 377,000 lives by the end of the year, through both direct and indirect impacts, a United Nations (UN) agency estimated in a report published on Tuesday.

Nearly 60 per cent of deaths will have been caused by indirect impacts such as lack of safe water, hunger and disease, it said, suggesting that fighting will have directly killed over 150,000 people.

Most of those killed by the war’s indirect effects are “young children who are especially vulnerable to under- and malnutrition”, said the UN Development Programme (UNDP) report.

“In 2021, a Yemeni child under the age of five dies every nine minutes because of the conflict.”

A Saudi-led coalition intervened in Yemen in early 2015 to shore up the government after Iran-backed Huthi fighters seized the capital Sanaa months before.

Yemenis inspect a damaged factory following a bombardment in the Huthi-controlled capital Sanaa. PHOTO: AFP