Wu Chun becomes Lego ambassador in China

|     James Kon     |

LOCALLY born international star Wu Chun continues to build on his fame in China after he became the Lego Ambassador there in a ceremony in the Legoland Discovery Centre in Shanghai recently.

Wu Chun toured the Legoland Discovery Centre during the event.

In an interview on the latest accomplishment, Wu Chun said, “Lego has accompanied most of us since we were kids and I am happy to be its ambassador. What makes this more meaningful is that my family Lego figures were created and displayed in the Lego Mini Kingdom inside the Legoland Discovery Centre in Shanghai.”

He added, “I always bought Lego for my children and I think it’s a good toy for kids to play around with. Lego also trains them to build up their patience and creativity.”

He said, “Spending good quality time with our children is very important and this event also encourages parents to put their phone away while spending time with their family.”

Wu Chun poses for a photo with a Lego mascot at the Legoland Discovery Centre in Shanghai, China. – MERLIN ENTERTAINMENT CHINA