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World’s smallest park returns after road project

UPI – The completion of a road construction project in Oregon resulted in the return of the world’s smallest park – now located about six inches from its former location.

Mill End Park, a tiny patch of green in the median of Portland’s Naito Parkway that received its first plants and its name from Oregon Journal reporter Dick Fagan in 1946, became a globally famous landmark as the world’s smallest park when it received recognition from Guinness World Records in 1971.

The tiny park was demolished as part of the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Better Naito Forever project, but Portland Parks and Recreation announced Mill End Park has now been reconstructed about six inches away from its former location.

The park, which measures about two feet wide with a total surface area of 452 square inches, bears a new sign and a new cloverleaf park border.

Portland Parks and Recreation said officials are hoping to hold a “rededication ceremony” for the park in the near future.

Mill Ends Park, the world’s smallest park, returned to Portland, Oregon after being demolished as part of a road construction project. PHOTO: PORTLAND PARKS & RECREATION

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