Workshops groom Brunei’s future leaders

|     Aziz Idris     |

A TOTAL of 36 students from Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Sultan Bolkiah Campus, attended the LiveWIRE Visioning workshop conducted recently to groom students for real-life work skills.

The one-and-a-half day workshop was conducted by Programme Director of LiveWIRE Brunei Pengiran Redzuan bin Pengiran Haji Abbas who explained that the workshop was designed to assist the structural planning for business start-ups as well as to engage and groom members for executive roles, producing the creation of a co-operative committee.

He also added that the mission of the Visioning Workshop is to establish all committed individuals in the organisation to share equal fundamental vision that drive the organisation in realising and accomplishing their vision.

The collaboration of the workshop with IBTE Sultan Bolkiah Campus is a mutually beneficial relationship between the two organisations to work toward common goals by sharing responsibility, authority and accountability for achieving results.

The process of the workshop involves group discussion sessions on identifying and understanding each organisation’s vision, business strategy and industry forces; as well as establishing community values on the principles of Community of Practice (CoP) as a guide for their organisation’s decision-making process.

A group photo of the students at the LiveWIRE Visioning workshop. – PHOTOS: LIVEWIRE BRUNEI
Students at the LiveWIRE Leadership Camp programme held at Trandie Marina Resort in the Temburong District

IBTE Sultan Bolkiah Campus is a post-secondary educational institution that aligns with the social and economic needs of the country.

To date, this is the 12th Visioning workshop organised by LiveWIRE since 2010.

Meanwhile, 27 participants comprising students from IBTE, recipients under Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah’s entrepreneurship assistance programme and aspiring entrepreneurs, recently completed the LiveWIRE Leadership Camp programme held at Trandie Marina Resort in the Temburong District.

During the three-day camp, participants were exposed to the natural elements and explored the characteristics that make a leader through theoretical and practical sessions spaced out during the “55 hours away from home”, as LiveWIRE refers to it.

In the theoretical sessions, Pengiran Redzuan and LiveWIRE Senior Business Counsellor Mohd Fadhilullah Tudun bin Haji Hassan shared with the participants renowned psychological concepts such as Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham’s Johari Window and Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”.

The participants were also asked to look back into situations in their respective pasts, where they could apply such concepts into practice in the future.

The practical session included a day-long jungle trekking, kayaking and obstacle course where participants were observed by supervisors on how well they could lead and motivate others.

At the end of these sessions, participants were assessed on their qualities by the supervisors and how these qualities varied to the qualities that the participants thought they had during the self-assessment session.

After discussing with their individual groups, the participants then declared the positive traits that they will aim to achieve.

Harold bin Mohd Yusof from IBTE said that the camp provided him practical insights in the importance of teamwork, and how being a good leader requires an understanding of each other and teammates.

Furthermore, he said, the camp allowed one to see the bigger picture of certain behaviours as to not pass judgement easily, but instead to shift perception of those behaviours based on circumstances which may not necessarily be apparent.

“The camp also trained our minds to set goals and to become empowered in wanting to achieve those goals. The camp also allowed participants to think and express themselves independently,” he added.

Another participant from Yayasan, Kaniz binti Abdul Shakoor said that, as an educator the camp is an essential programme to develop core values such as integrity, discipline, respect, responsibility, teamwork, accountability, perseverance, and also leadership skills.

Pengiran Redzuan said that he chose Temburong for the Leadership camp because he wanted to bring participants into an “away day concept”, while appreciating what has been dubbed as the Green Jewel of Brunei.